Frequently Asked Questions

Members gather for breakfast every Wednesday morning (with a few exceptions). A “Business Breakfast” begins promptly at 7:00 a.m. with the introduction of all guests in attendance. The meetings conclude promptly at 8:00 a.m.

The meetings are currently held at Kiko’s Mexican Restaurant on Everhart.

After the introduction of all guests to the group, each table announces the members with whom they have done business over the past seven days and which members business have been given as referrals. Any other business developments which wish to be shared can also be given during this portion of the meeting.

Every week, a program is offered by one of the member businesses. The program is an educational tool that describes the company, its products or services, its customers, and details how other members can help the presenter get more business.

Inviting business guests to the weekly meetings is encouraged with special consideration being given to the avoidance of bring a guest whose business directly competes with that of a current C.C.E.A. member firm.

Membership in the Corpus Christi Executives Association is business “Networking” at its best. Through membership you become part of a close-knit, exclusive business organization dedicated to increasing the business contacts and the sales volume of its members. Contacts, referrals and leads are exchanged. The doing of business between members, their employees and their families is encouraged. The volume of business received is in direct proportion to the member’s activity within the C.C.E.A. and the quality of information about their company that they share with other members.

The Initiation Fee is $200, due with the application. This fee is refundable if membership is not available for that business category.

Monthly dues are paid to cover the cost of the meeting facilities and meal. The Executive Secretary can provide you with the current monthly dues amount.

Prompt payment of monthly dues is a requirement of membership.

  • Provide leads and referrals for other members.
  • Attending meetings in person each and every Wednesday, unless urgent business or personal reasons prevent attendance
  • Visiting one fellow member’s place of business each week.
  • Familiarizing themselves with the various businesses represented in the Association so they are able to refer potential customers to member firms.
  • Mentioning the Association to nonmembers who are qualified membership candidates and bring them as guests to a weekly meeting.
  • Mentioning the merits of Association members and recommending them to friends and business associates.
  • Acting promptly on all business information received, following it up diligently and making every effort to turn it into consummated business for their firm.
  • Handling all referred business in such a through manner that it will reflect credit on the referring member.
  • Paying dues promptly at rates established by the Board.
  • Pledging to keep the source of all information furnished by the Association strictly confidential.
  • Making themselves available at least once each year to present a “program” dealing with their business at the weekly meeting for the benefit of other members.

Most Businesses Qualify for Membership

Membership is open to almost all types of businesses, including manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, financial institutions, retails, service contractors, transportation, communications and certain professional classifications.

In order to join a firm must be recommended to the Board by a current Association member. The Board then must approve the firm’s business category for inclusion in the membership, and if approved formally the Board then invites the candidate to join.

Business categories for membership are quite rigidly defined and maintained to assure that each member firm has an exclusive field or representation in the Association.

It is important that the executive holding membership for his or her firm be a key person within the company. They should have responsibility for decisions regarding the purchase of supplies, products and services for their company.

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