Who We Are

What Is The C.C.E.A.?

The Corpus Christi Executives Association is a group of top decision makers from a wide range of area businesses. Each business category is represented by only one member, who is the business owner of an executive with responsibility for decisions in the purchase of supplies and services.

The purpose of the C.C.E.A. is to exchange business information, leads and referrals – and to support and promote business expansion for the benefit of the member firms.

Similar in operation to more than 70 associated executive organizations located in other major cities throughout the United States, the Corpus Christi Executives Association was organized in 1986.

Our organization is governed by officers and a Board of Directors elected from the membership. An Executive Secretary assists the officers and members with the ongoing business of running the association.

Valuable Contacts

As a member of the C.C.E.A., you have the opportunity to learn about leading area business firms and the people behind them. You gain a continuing acquaintance with these top executives and their products and services. As you widen your circle of acquaintances with these key executives, there are many opportunities to explain your firm’s operations and products to them – and do business together.

Inside Knowledge

Membership in the Corpus Christi Executives Association gives you the advantage over your competition. Pertinent business information is often made known to your by your fellow C.C.E.A. members before it is published.

Increased Sales

Your opportunities for sales will expand to include many C.C.E.A. members, their employees and families…AND…their network of business associates and acquaintances through leads and referrals. You are encouraged to advertise your business in the C.C.E.A. monthly newsletter, “BuyLine.”